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How do I make the best use of TakeaTest.in?

Take a test and based on your responses, our artificial intelligence software will analyze...
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How do TakeaTest.in work?

Easy! Take a Test, we’ll do the rest and our team will start hunting companies...
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Why do you charge money for service?

Many candidates would like to pay up after getting placed and not before but...
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Can I get a refund?

Sorry, you can’t. Once paid, it’s our turn to help you out in any way we can. However, if not interested, we will use it for services availed.
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Can I send money through post?

We highly discourage any cash transactions through cash. However, we accept it for rural candidates who are deprived of proper internet facilities...
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How can you determine my attitude and behavior?

Our patent pending technology is developed carefully after psychometric analysis. This might be one of the reason why some candidates dont land in a job even after securing good jobs. Don’t worry - we’ve got some tips and tricks to get you up to speed...
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How do I sign in individual consulting

Some candidates need assistance and our experts are ready to talk to you to analyze and help you out. All of our additional benefits are available via takeatest.in. Click it, and you’ll be able to schedule a meet with our experts...
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Can I delete my upload resume?

Yes! Soon after you get placed, you will have an option to delete your resume. However, your login will always await you to use us next time...
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About TakeaTest.in

TakeaTest.in is the simplest way any candidate can self analyze themself by attending an virtual interview and get placed with highest paying jobs by working with our Industrial Experts. Every Year, job seekers from all around the world try for jobs and many loose out without knowing the tricks and tips to crack an interview. TakeaTest.in is an innovative platform to analyze candidates using artificial intelligence and developers from all around th world are working towards R&D to improvise the analytical approach. Many students join this soft skill training during college time only to prevent humiliating experience after passing out by being without job. Founded in 2012, our team is based out of US and India.

Quick Placements

Our mission is to enable the effortless preparation of ideas from one creative mind to many for skill development. Our clientele is looking for candidates not with good marks but with good skillsets. We want to help our candidates get in, and stay in, use their creative flow – that strange and beautiful state where everything comes together and great things happen.

Artificial Intelligence

Our growing team is partnering with companies who respect skills and not just good marksheets. Just a marksheet cannnot decide candidates destiny. We are a creatively-minded company whose founders came from strong HR background, Training field, IT experts and from marketing field. For information about current opportunities to join hands, please send across an email to upgradeskills@takeatest.in

Interview Tips

Takeatest.in will mainly focus on teaching candiates who are unable to find a job, unable to switch a job easily and unable to focus about career. Choosing a perfect career is also a very tough experience for many candidates. Consulting with these candidates and helping them to shape their career experience is built around our beautiful 360 degree attitude development, or focus towards job. Many of these are actually adverts which we sell themselves to HR/management around the world. You can signup by sending a quick email to upgradeskills@takeatest.in

Consulting Industrial Experts

Our premium TakeaTest.in service is for those who want to get even more out of our service. With subscription, you can avail online coaching classes. All the amount paid to avail TakeaTest.in coaching for training yourself at your free time. You can signup by sending a quick email to upgradeskills@takeatest.in

TakeaTest.in donates 30% of our earnings in training rural background students for their upliftment and work equally in technical or creative industries. TakeaTest.in is not just a profit making objective but to develop skills amoung people which will result in the GDP development all around. This is our goal and our love.

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